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Customs Clearance 

Our highly efficient customs brokerage, clearance and compliance service is designed to take the complexity out of the customs process. CTLS understands the importance of customs brokerage in getting your products to their destination. When moving freight across international borders, CTLS works to minimize risks by carefully managing the smooth transition of cargo from country to country. CTLS  employs dedicated professionals around the Countries who have multi-lingual capability and a clear understanding of the intricacies of trade regulations and agreements at global, regional, national and local levels.

To ensure the complete security of your goods, even in challenging environments, our personnel serve as the first point of contact with both custom authorities and receiving customers. This allows us to provide re-assuring guidance and expert advice on matters relating to customs.


Road Freight

Through our road solutions, CTLS offers a safe, economical and viable transportation means for your goods. Our all-inclusive road freight service runs across Jordan & Gulf Country manned by a team of experts uniquely skilled at overseeing overland operations, including customs requirements.

From departures to door-to-door delivery to web-based tracking, CTLS offers a comprehensive, highly dependable platform that functions seamlessly within both international and domestic landscapes. We further work within your specific industry requirements to optimise efficiency and save you money, all within your desired timeframe.

Ocean Freight

CTLS offers a superior means of transporting your goods by sea. Through a robust network of connections with sea carriers we are able to deliver a fast, cost-efficient and reliable ocean freight services. CTLS handles all conventional cargo transportation and provides optimum services for both Full Container Load (FCL) and Less than Container Load (LCL). With our ocean freight services, you are able to ship large amounts of cargo with long lead-times at a cost-effective rate.


Air Freight

CTLS understands that air freight plays a vital role in the success of your business and strive to provide you with reliable and cost-efficient air freight options. CTLS offers a complete range of air freight services with internationally recognized quality and speed. With our robust global air freight network, CTLS covers your businesses and markets anywhere in the world – from pick up at origins, multiple consolidation, customs clearance, through to door-to-door delivery to end customers. Our air freight experts operate around the clock to ensure your products reach their destinations with the quickest transit time, optimal routing and maximum cost-efficiency.

You are able to track and trace your shipments right from the moment the products are picked up through to delivery along the supply chains.

International Freight Forwarding

With a global network across six continents and strong partnerships with major air, ocean and road carriers, international freight forwarding is one of our core services. CTLS offers reliable and competitive international freight forwarding solutions that support your continuous growth and expansion in old and new markets. Our special capabilities handle trade disputes, quota issues, customs and quarantine procedures. We deal with changing trade policies and emergency measures, ensuring that each of our customers achieves the highest cost efficiency when moving their freight internationally.

CTLS offers flexible and cost-effective intermodal solutions to cater to your specific needs in terms of cost, transit time and routing. And we consistently devise new freight models and innovative solutions to meet your ever-changing business needs.

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Insurance Services

CTLS ensures that your freight is covered against any unfortunate circumstance during transportation. Our insurance brokerage service is specially customized to meet your insurance requirements, whether you choose to insure a single shipment or secure an open policy coverage. CTLS further insures matters relating to supply chain risk assessment specifically and also devise suitable and precise risk treatment proposals including insurance.

In the event of loss, damage or theft, customers may report instantly through E-mail and obtain the first available advice from our claim handling team. As a general rule, compensation is normally bound by "limitation of liability" in carriage contracts. Our licensed brokerage consultant team is capable of customizing an insurance program in your context to obtain optimum compensation.


 Bonded Warehousing

Ensuring your goods are secure is as important as financing them. Located in Almahattah Bonded , Our bonded facility guarantees security and ease of access for your inventory. By using our bonded warehouse customs duties can be postponed until stock is released. All import and re-export documentation can be taken care of and made available as needed. Storing your goods in our warehouse also allows you to take advantage of our Inventory Financing.