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Business Outsourcing Solutions :

By deploying comprehensive business outsourcing solutions, CTLS helps you to carry out workplace tasks with ease.

CTLS  is comprised of experienced and professional managers and consultants to who understand the businesses and the technical know-how to help clients meet global performance standards in finance & accounting, human resource management, government regulatory compliance, responsive customer service, asset management, iterative transactional & document management, and other allied support services.

CTLS has a client service structure that is customer-centric and is totally dedicated to Total Client Satisfaction. We leave no room for miscues in our service delivery; we do not compromise on QUALITY.

At CTLS we offer Finance Functions Support, Internal Control Support, Knowledge Process Outsourcing (KPO) Services, Human Resource Solution, Procurement Services, Treasury Services, Tax Compliance and Document Storage.

 Building # 14. Offiice 304, 3rd floor- IBRAHEIM AL-QATTAN ST. AMman-jordan

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