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Transportation needs fluctuate, grow, and evolve in ways you might be able to anticipate. We can help create not just a solution, but a logistics strategy.

We know the ins and outs of transportation and logistics​

The difference, in one word, is experience. Our drivers, dispatch people, customer service representatives, and mechanics have it in spades.

provide the kinds of quality management services that will satisfy your company’s financial people as well as its customers

why CTLS?

Cleveland Trade & Logestic Services Llc Logistic

CTLS has built its reputation on excellence BY PROVIDING THE BEST INTEGRATED LOGISTICAL and trade  SOLUTIONS, with a constant focus on serving our customers.

CTLS offers supply chain, trade, logistics, transportation management and consulting services. Our business was created to help business like yours get dependable. Our experience and value added services enable business' supply chain to be more transparent and easier to manage.

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Through our relation with many transportation companies ,trade companies and warehouse service providers .  our services and  solutions are fully unbiased, and only our own clients’ needs are considered. Our services can be provided as an extension of our clients’ operations, supplementing the services they provide internally

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